Rate in BoM item not getting updated based on price list

Please see following screen shots. Item price list is properly defined. But, when we select that item in BoM item (and rates based on price-list), it does not populate the item rate automatically.

Hi Everybody
I have a scenario in BOM
I have a sub assembly sp-01-e5-sa
this has 5 materials listed with price

I use the above sub assembly as a material for another ASSEMBLY
when I use the above sub assembly, the price is not getting updated

what could be the reason
Thanks in advance


Have you checked while click on “Update Cost” button which is on “BOM” form.?

Please tell me your scenario in descriptively.or share your screen

Hi Shraddha
Thanks for the reply
Sorry couldn’t respond since was out of station
I was trying the “update Cost” button without submitting the bom
its done now
thanks again

While creating boom I have to put rate manually every time for raw material items. Price from price list doesn’t auto populate . How can I auto populate that or does it necessary to track production costing for individual item ? Or I can keep rate field blank ?


The “Update Cost” button on BOM should do that for you.

Thanks man , got it :slight_smile: