Rate Of Materials Based On Supplier Quotation in BOM Items

can we have an option for Rate Of Materials Based On Supplier Quotations in BOM and get the lowest quotation available across suppliers for BOM Items?

At present there are three options for Rate Of Materials Based On

  1. Valuation Rate
  2. Price List
  3. Last Purchase Price

can we have 4) Supplier Quotations.

does that make sense ?

Would mind explaining the use case for the same.

Client would like to know the cost estimate for a fresh new BOM for which line items were never purchased before and would like to get cost estimation based on Supplier Quotation.

Edit : Also would like to update the cost of the BOM , if the raw materials are common across various BOM and if price of a particular item goes down/up, it will have an effect on costing of the linked BOMs.