Raw material Handling in Metal Manufacturing

Hi all,

What should be best way to handle raw material if we implement ERPNext in metal processing unit.

Expected UOM Planning:

Purchase UOM: kg.
Manufactuing unit: sq cm, sq mm
Inventory Unit: Sheets (Primary focus).

I have a use case, where we get fixed sizes of metal sheets let say 10x5 ft and 4x8 ft.
Available inventory:

  • 3 sheets of 10x5.
  • 4 sheets of 4x4

We will be making parts out of these sheets.

Let see we make only 2 parts of size 5x5 sq cm (for this only 1 sheet will be slightly used around 3-5%).

Now how can we maintain the stock in number sheets as 1 sheet (4x8) will be partially used,
technically 2 complete sheets (4x8) and 3rd sheet (4x8) with 95% will be available.

Now, when any sheet is partially used then its physical appearance is change, it will loose its shape so now what should we call that sheet for future as its no long 4x8 sheet in phyiscal size and appearance.

P.S: Whenever we make any thing out of those sheets every time we will have unique sizes of sheets after every process, now how can we reconcile our inventory for effective utilization and raw material procurement.

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  1. create a template item with length and width as attribute,

  2. create a variant item from the template with length 4 and width 8,

  3. create other variant items as needed, e.g to-be partially used item with length/width 44, left over item with length/width : xy

  4. create a repack(choose repack as purpose) stock entry to convert the full size variant item into partial variant items, i.e used and left over variant item

  5. create other stock entry to consume the out put item from above repack

  6. run stock report, the left over partial sheet will be represented as variant item with specification: length/width


Thanks for the response.

What should be the primary UOM? Kg or Nos/Sheets?

If we keep Kg as primary UOM then, it’s difficult to maintain Nos/sheet and vice versa.

primary UOM, i.e the stock keeping UOM is No./sheets, purchase UOM is KG, when you do purchase receipt, you can manually change the conversion rate and system will auto calculate the No/sheet based on received KG and conversion rate.
maybe you can consider create custom server script on Purchase Receipt doc event to capture the weight(KG) in purchase receipt and update to item master weight field, in stock balance report you can add item weight by the standard add column feature.