Raw material is provided by customer, how to add it into BOM

We are in Service business, we do embroidery, stitching, crystal work, and hand work. The piece of cloth is provided by the customer, how to cloth piece as raw material in BOM? and what would be the final product as services we can add in BOM?


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Hi Zia,

I am not sure doing a BOM will help for your business. What you perhaps need is a tracking mechanism to ensure that you know the exact type of work that you need to do on that input material. So, just setting up generic materials like - RM-Embroidery , RM-Stitching, RM-CrystalWork and RM-HandWork, but make them a Batched Items. You can add custom fields in the Batch document and capture the work that you need to do onto this in those fields.

Then you invoice these items themselves, but use the item description field in the Print formats, so that you client gets to see the work that you’ve done on this.

Hope this helps.




Ok, this is not very complicated, but it it important to understand that ERPNext currently does not readily handle taking in customer items to use in the performance of a service. It also does not handle putting items in a BOM that are “non-inventory” items or items of zero value. For some reason those never show up on the BOM when it is printed. Here is one way to get around this.

  • If you do not care to list the exact item itself on the BOM then you can create an “Item” in ERPNext that is “Customer Blank” with a value of $0.01 (or less) and stuff the inventory level of this item up to 999,990 pieces in your inventory. This way you can select this item and add it to the BOM along with your thread colors and any backing materials. This will allow proper tracking the costs of your inventory of thread, backing, etc. The only down side is the minimal extra cost figure of the $0.01 customer supplied items. At the end of the month you would have to make a single ledger entry to account for the adjustment of this offset. Just remember to set an alert level for the inventory so if it gets to maybe 100,001 that you can have someone restuff the inventory manually back up tot he max level.

  • You can also create similar “Items” such as Customer Shirts, Customer Hats, etc. if you want to be more specific in your BOM.

Hope this helps.


Thanks BKM, your response was helpful.