Raw material to finished goods conversion

Please help me on this
I have a Part Number which undergoes a list of process
Housing : SE-HG-06-01-PRT
This Undergoes the following operation
Housing Casting : SE-HG-06-01-CTG-WIP
Housing Milling : SE-HG-06-01-MIL-WIP
Housing Drilling : SE-HG-06-01-DLG-WIP

I have allotted part numbers for each of the operations and created a Bom
All the above operations are sub contracted
Where I am Stuck is
if this “Housing Casting : SE-HG-06-01-CTG-WIP” goes out for milling, it comes back to me as this “Housing Milling : SE-HG-06-01-MIL-WIP”
So, How is the stock handled ?
will the part number that goes out for an operation get consumed and reduce in stock
How is the inward material receipt handled in this case.
Any help is appreciated
Thanks in Advance

I think you need to check “Supply Material for Purchase” in the Manufacturing section of the Item document. That should prompt you to supply a raw material part to a supplier and receive back a different Item. I haven’t used it so I don’t know exactly, but I think that’s the intent of it.


ref : https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/manufacturing/subcontracting.html