Razorpay Integrations

Hello Team,
I want to integrate razor pay into my Erpnext…for that i am adding Razor pay key id and secret id into Razor pay settings of Erpnext…but still i am not getting any Razor pay account in Bank Account section of Chart Of Accounts.
Please find the below Screenshot for better understanding…Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanking you,
Abhinaba Layek!


Are you trying to use razor pay for bank transaction using razor pay, what’s the use case?

Hi @Rahul_Singh_Yadav,
yes i want to use it for transaction purpose. the use case is, i want to accept payment through razorpay…and this details will be reflect in razor pay section of erpnext…
so how can we do that ?
Abhinaba Layek

As of what I understand, you need to run a shopping portal over ERP next, once the user comes to your portal, selects an item that you’ve created in the items section of the ERP module, if they enter a quantity from the stock of supply you’ve entered within ERP next, and if they hit BUY they will be shown a Razor pay payment page.

Thank you @Rahul_Singh_Yadav for your valuable answers.
Thanks & Regards,
Abhinaba Layek