Razorpay Payment Gateway

Hi team ,
I am working on payment gateway. I have done configuration in Razorpay Settings, but while doing payment i am getting demo page. After clicking Success it shows payment successful but in sales invoice it will be in unpaid status. When i see COA at that the amount is reflected in Razorpay Account .

And when i checked in Razorpay Account i got the payment value & number of payment.

Please let me know am i missing any steps or configuration

User payment request to mange online payments Payment Request

If you are already using payment request, then check error logs for more details.

@saurabh6790 - thanks sharing for the link. It applies only to orders that are entered manually in system? Is it also possible for consumer to submit a shopping cart order without making a payment? So upon creation - we would ask customer to make payment via this payment-request mechanism? Appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks.

Hi @saurabh6790,
Thank you for the response , i have gone through the link which you sent. Instead of Demo Bank Page and test mode is there any real entity process /steps for making real time payments using razorpay payment ?


You need to put production credentials instead of the test ones.

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