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@Mr. Duggal:
1. Email address of the sender is used as the send-from address. Hence, you receive the email from the email address of the user submitting the transaction.
2. You can add your logo in the Notification Settings for each transaction, using <img src='path_to_image' />, just like you do for your letterhead.


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  <span>Aditya Duggal &lt;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>&gt;</span> Jan 15 08:07AM -0800
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  I would like to change the notification email&#39;s look and feel, like add a <br>

LOGO or add the email ID of the user submitting the email.

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  <span>Aditya Duggal &lt;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>&gt;</span> Jan 15 08:05AM -0800
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  Hi Salman,<br>

If you need to make changes like the one you have told then you would need
to know what document you need to edit and these documents are called
DOCTYPES in the system.

So you would need to edit the DOCTYPE for lead now for this do the following

- Go to SETUP
- In setup goto SYSTEM
- In system goto Customize Form View
- There select the form type as LEAD
- When you select lead then all the fields of Lead would come in a table
under it.
- There on S.No. 22 (I think) is EMail ID click the edit button next to
- Once you click that edit button a new form for that field would open
which would give a lot of options and one of them is required
- Check the required check mark next to required and save and you are
- This ways you can do a lot more things just you should know the form
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