Re: [erpnext-user-forum][Important] Regarding Customizations in Print Formats and Reports

Hi All,

Attention please !!!

As per previous mail by Anand, we hope that you created new print format by copying original one for which you made any customization to the print format. If you still did not create it please please copy the changed print format and save the same into another.

Same is applicable for old report, if you have done any customization into report, click on "Advanced Settings", copy the Search Criteria and save it by different name and mentioning "Is Standard" as "No".

Please do this by 23rd July 2012 becauseon 24th July we will push our updates for Print Formats and Reports.

If you do not understand the procedure or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Nabin Hait

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 10:58 AM, Anand Doshi <an…> wrote:

Hello everyone,

Recently some of our customers had reported some bugs in the "Classic
/ Modern / Spartan" print formats, like the discount which gets
appended in description has arbitrary number of decimal places. We
have fixed those.

However, we cannot push those changes in all accounts as some of your
customizations in these print formats will get lost.

Hence, we request you, if you have made any customization in any of
the print formats provided by us with the product, that you open those
print formats, click on "copy" on the right side bar and save it with
a different name. Also, make sure that the value in "Standard" field
is "No", while saving the copy. Doing this will make sure that your
customizations are not replaced when we update our print formats.

We will release the fixes to the print formats on/after 25th May,
2012. Hence, please save a copy of all your product provided print
formats in which you have made any customizations / changes for your