Re: [erpnext-user-forum] submitting sales

Hi Robert,

Let me discuss this - Allowing the user to decide may be a good option.


On 12-Mar-2012, at 1:33 AM, robert wrote:

Hi Rushabh,

After having entered all purchase and reconciled stock on 1.1.12 I
have started to submit the 80 sales invoices I have entered so far,
and an other 100 still to go.

What I had expected, occurred indeed.

No stock.
As a solution I created a supplier named “correct_stock”, in order to
provide stock allowing me to continue. I just create a Purchase
Receipt, nothing else!

As I believe the software should adapt to the user (requirements) and
not inverse, I believe for a certain group of users allowing negative
stock is a big asset.
When I raised this issue a month or so ago, you told me there were
many internal discussions on the topic, and you have decided to not to
allow negative stock.

I believe this is fundamentally wrong, this decision you should leave
to the end users. In the global settings you could give the user the
choice to maintain strict stock controls are allow the more relaxed
negative stocks.

One other annoying feature is related to “write off”, I do sometimes
enter a “paid amount” if not the same as the “calculated amount”.
There seems to be some kind of check against the “write off” ( I do
not really understand the meaning of these write offs anyway), that
causes errors on submission. (“ a msg like “write of plus XXX can not
be larger?smaller then….”)

Rgds Robert

******* tried to submit this to github, but did not find how to
register; one can create a free account but i did find where to just
subscribe to the erpnext/github dispository****