Re: Importing Orders for pick and pack

Hi Tony,

There are two types of form in the system, Master and Transactions.
Master is the record which is created once and used again and again
like customer, supplier, items etc. Transaction is record created
based on event like SO, PO, Invoices etc.

You can only import master records in the system. You will need to
make transactions manually. To simply transactions, we have mapper in
places which will pull data from one transaction into another. Like
Quotation once submitted can be pulled into Sales order. SO can be
converted into delivery note and invoice, thus reducing data entry

Thanks and regards,
Umair Sayyed

On Jan 16, 7:59 am, Tony Jones wrote:


I am new to this ERP solution so please accept my apologies for my
lack of understanding if this question seems somewhat nieve. Is it
possible to import data from a structured text file for order entry. I
have a client that will be emailing me such file that i need to import
so that i can then pick, pack and then distribute the orders.

I would appreciate all thoughts on this.