Re-order level and minimum order quantity in Auto Material Requests


let’s assume I have a raw material with a stock of 35 and re-order level is 30. The minimum order qty is 10. I sell 6 items, so I have 29 left on stock. At night the auto material request is risen with the minimum qty of 10. The next day (I didn’t purchase any items till then) I again sell 2 of these items. The quantity on stock is 27 now and at night there is again an automatic material request with the minimum order quantity of 10.

If I start a new purchase order after that and select the supplier and click on “Get Items from Open Material Requests” it will create the request for 20 pcs (so twice the 10 minimum order qty). If I would just do this I would order 20 to have 47 in the end. Of course this could be worse if I don’t purchase very often …

So the second auto material request doesn’t check if there is a material request which fills up the stock to reorder level already … is there a possibility to change this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for any help that pushes me in the right direction :slight_smile:



I’ve been looking for this same answer !

Can anyone help on this ?