Re-ordering standard fields in a doctype via customize form


I am trying to re-order the arrangement of standard fields, in a doctype, via the customize form, but it is not working, i could have made the change via the edit core, but i am trying to export the customizations, so that would not work, as during bench migrate, the change(new customization via edit core) would be absent. During research, i learnt that it could be done via property setter, Ordering of the fields - #5 by system , but i am not able to figure it out. Please, i need assistance with this issue. Thank YOu

To rearrange fields in standard DocTypes, you must go with “DocType Layout” and package it in a custom app.

Hello Patrick.St,

Thanks for the idea of using the doctype layout, but i am trying to edit the standard doctype and just customize the changes, such that all i need to do to add my customization is just to run “bench migrate”

The doctype i am trying to edit is the Employee doctype in erpnext app, so i am trying to make changes, without altering the standard in erpnext itself, such that by running bench migrate, the customization takes its effect, i think with doctype layout, i will need to create another app, but i do not want to create another app, do you have any other idea, or you know how it could be done with the property setter ?

This will not work: as soon as you want to position standard fields differently, you must work with DocType Layout (and a custom app).

What are your concerns with a CustomApp?

oh, my bad! I mixed up app and doctype…So yes, i am using a custom app already, and i made the changes and they reflected on the layout of the doctype, THANKS. But, please, is there a way i could export these customization, just like the way cusomization made via “customize form” are exported ?

Yes, you can do this via fixtures. Within your

fixtures = [
		"doctype": "DocType Layout",
		"filters": {
			"name": ("in", (

When you then run

bench export-fixtures --app <yourappname>

the Layout will be exported into your app to /fixtures/doctype_layout.json

Thank you, Patrick.St, i will try that now, update you on the status

Hello Patrick.St, it worked, thank you very much