Re-populate child table on customer selection

Hi Everyone, I have an order module which have a linked customer field. When I add a new order, and select an existing customer, I want the order items to be populated form the db based on the customer id. see the screen below

I have got the data from the backend, but do not know how to get it to work on the clients side, a code snippet is greatly appreciated.

Please go through the link. You may find it helpful.

Hi Pawan, thanks for the reply. I think you are referencing “add_fetch” if I am not mistaken. Does add_fetch work for table type link, in Customer? have you used add_fetch for fetching data to populate a table? I would appreciate it Thanks

ok I think I found this as a solution

This link is not valid anymore. It is moved :confused:

Hello, get this from my youtube channel

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