Re:pos i have issue with rate column

hi i have an issue with pos
the rate column i think is too small i need to make it bigger its cutting off the thousand unit the grand total is good but the rate is too small
any ideas where i could extend it

anyone any ideas

You will need to customize it. It’s impossible to fullfil every requirement by the core team, please check with the one who helped you deploy erpnext or post a job for this requirement on erpnext jobs page.

Hopefully some developers can help you with it.

Or you can try our custom app here we have custom Item cart but only for offline pos you can add or remove cart forks, not sure if your issue will be fixed.
You will have to try it yourself.

Thank you for your kind words.
If it is a bug then you should know how to raise an issue or fix it yourself and PR it to the core,.

You don’t need a tutorial on how to install a custom app on frappe, as its a very simple process.
If it is breaking your dev server then it must be from your side.

You’re on your own.
All the best.

Your frustration seems to be the key overriding issue here @hifyaan

This forum community surely empathizes, as that is the currency we share and exchange.

The question is why you vent on and criticise brave offers of help?

Please recognize and fix that so you can contribute in a more agreeable constructive way