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Dear All,

We are facing an issue like in warehouse valuation rate.We are buying material for 500rs 1 qty and we make stock entry in our main warehouse.And we got material request from our own vendor.We have our vendor warehouse in their respective s.The problem is when we are transferring material from own warehouse to vendor warehouse the rate is getting changed.1 qty rate is 6372rs.We check all our internal flows,since we facing the same issue.Kindly please provide any solutions for it.

Why do you have a vendor warehouse? You own product that is stored in their warehouse?

It sounds like you’ve looked in the obvious spots already:
Conversion table for Item
Re-pack process

I think some screen shots would help explain your issue better.

Dear sir,

It is not our own products,we are service industry for connection purpose we transfer the material to our vendor.

Vivek P Champ

Let’s do this:

  1. Explain your work flow with some screen shots. I think for people to be helpful you need to provide the right level of detail and I think we need some more details to provide useful feedback.
  2. Let’s ask an expert for some additional troubleshooting ideas. @nabinhait from the Frappe is my best guess at the right person to help, but he’ll defer if he is not.
  3. Please confirm this is a repeatable error or under what conditions it is a repeatable error.

Yes, please share some screenshots showing Stock Ledger, valuation rate and material transfer entry, it will definitely help.

Are you purchasing the item in Stock UOM? If you are purchasing in other UOM, then the value can differ, as valuation rate is maintained in stock uom.