React frappe app

I was following #buildwithhussain ep no 04 about Full-stack Web App with React & Frappe Framework. When I setup my react according to video, react is not running on server, as but vite running at terminal successfully. @buildwithhussain .


Do you mean the bench is not running?

Hey, @buildwithhussain
React is not running. I have done setup by watching your video, when I run react app. Vite is running app in console showing localhost, but when I open on browser it is not running on browser.

Does it show any error?

This is terminal vite ss.

This is browser ss.

Can you share the full URL you are visiting in your browser? Looks like you are not appending the port number.

here it is

add your main host in vite.config.ts file
import { defineConfig } from “vite”;
import react from “@vitejs/plugin-react”;

export default defineConfig({
plugins: [react()],
server: {
host: “your host 123.123.123”,
port: 3002,