React sdk - Port settings

hi @buildwithhussain
I following the video of Ep. 4: Full-stack Web App with React & Frappe Framework!

In that video .env.local he setting up VITE_SOCKET_PORT = 9009
in my case i setup nginx port it runs in 80, how could i set that.

and another doubt
I running my frappe site in aws server.

In the proxyOptions.js file target is localhost? Can i change there into my host name ?
my host name is

const common_site_config = require(“…/…/…/sites/common_site_config.json”);
const { webserver_port } = common_site_config;

export default {
“^/(app|api|assets|files|private)”: {
target: http://localhost:${webserver_port},
ws: true,
router: function (req) {
const site_name =“:”)[0];
return http://${site_name}:${webserver_port};