React, Vue in Aws Server

Hi sir @buildwithhussain

I installed frappe in aws server. It runs in I set nginx port. my webserver port 8000, websocket port 9000.
Right now i tried react and vue js following your videos. For react it runs in and also in localhost:8080.

I created a doctype in backend while i try to access via userFrappeGetDocList. The api call in header it goes like these will not get data. It shows error) how to avoid these. if my api call is like or this will work.

How to solve these sir. And another doubt can we get existing doctype using react, i seen for new doctype it creates type for existing can we get the data?

Thankyou Sir

I solve this by setting proxyOption port to 80. I want to know can we get existing doctype via react?
For new doctype it creates type Right? for existing one what it will do ?

Yeah, you can get any doctype using the SDK.

If you want to generate types in bulk for existing doctypes, you have to modify the code in frappe_types a little bit and call it from console in a loop.

Remove these 3 lines, import the function create_type_definition_file, loop over the DocTypes you want to generate the Types for and call this function with that DocType’s document.

A better solution will be to implement these features in the app itself, let me have a chat with Nikhil.

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Thankyou sir. While fetching doctype from react how to get its child doctype data? It’s not rendering. Any documentation for that.

Check this out: feat: child_field syntax sugar for qb by netchampfaris · Pull Request #20908 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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