Read Only document once Approved for an unsubmitted document


I am trying to make the following workflow for material request as below

Creator CM > Approved By PM > (Creator Read-PM Read/Write) > Approved by QS > (PM Read -QS Read/Write) > Approved by PC (QS-Read-PC Read/Write/Submit) Approved by Director (Approve/Review) > Procurement create Purchase Order

Creator > Rejected By PM/QS/PC > Creator able to edit the document

Users Legends:
CM - Construction Manager
PM - Project Manager
QS - Quanitity Surveyor
PC - Project Coordinator

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you have to write script for that, check your current workflow state and Login user role and set the form read only or editable.

if (cur_frm.doc.workflow_state == "Approved By PM" && 
user_roles.indexOf("Construction Manager")!==-1) {

Thanks Sangram,

Can you advise where to implant this script, will it be going somewhere in the Material Request Document.


Xeeshan Shafqat


Do not add this in Material Request Document. Write Custom script for that,
Check this one - Custom script examples

Ok I will try it and update you, if it works although I am not that tech savy in codes but hopefully with your guidelines i will manage it