Read only fields with no data does not show on screen

I know this is a long term behavior of frappe that read only fields with no default data gets completely hidden when we try to create a new item type with that field.

Consider this,
I have created a doc type License.

Now when I go to create a record using this doc type I see a page like this

Now, this looks so odd and ugly. First column is totally empty just because the fields do not have any data. I believe there can be certainly a better way to handle this scenario of read only fields with no default data

Is there any configuration in frappe to change this behavior.

I’d be interested to know the reason for this behavior (aka the intention, the itch to be scratched, the problem to be solved – not necessarily the code where it happens and how, mechanically).

Other than that, why don’t you just set a default value, like 0 or -1 or maybe “NULL”, or so? Some days ago I read a forum post explaining how to do it (but I didn’t bookmark it).

The Global Account field is a non mandatory field and is linked to Global Account doc type. It can be created later and linked later with Application License. I am wondering, what default value can be set in the situation when there is absolutely no record in Global Account table.

License Number is also a non mandatory field and generated from an application outside my application. During course of time, it will be auto populated when license is generated. I can not put a 0 or something else to make it appear. It will just not look good. If something is empty, then it should be shown empty rather than filling space with some meaningless fillers.

There are many doc type fields in my application which would be like this in my application.

Now looking at the New Application License creation screen, it looks weird as it just leaves the space empty and leaving user puzzled as to what the heck is this screen. I don’t recall seeing any GUI like this where empty read only fields gets hidden and their space is also left reserved for them :innocent: