Read only table on Web Form

Hi team,
I created new Web form with child table(Employee Details). When I try to open new row, I received the error in console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Employee Details' of undefined
    at Object.frappe.get_meta (meta.js:11)
    at r.setup_autoname_check (data.js:30)
    at r.make_input (data.js:23)
    at t (base_input.js:60)
    at refresh_input (base_input.js:85)
    at refresh (base_control.js:95)
    at init.attach_doc_and_docfields (layout.js:319)
    at init.refresh (layout.js:217)
    at GridRowForm.render (grid_row_form.js:24)
    at GridRow.show_form (grid_row.js:499)

Could please someone help me?
Btw, I set Read Only in web form but my table is still editable on the website.

This is may be because of customisation you added. Please specify full script.

hi, thank you but I haven’t added any customization to web form.
I created new table(“Employee Details”) in Customer doc => created web dorm on Customer doc => used new table in web form view and set checked “Read Only” for this web form.
Please check on you side if it works with checked “Read Only” table