Real Time Manufacturing Process Tracking


We are electronics manufacturers based in Delhi NCR. We have been using ERPnext for some time now and i think its a brilliant software. But as a manufacturer I find it lacking in real time process tracking which is very crucial to our operation.

What i mean by process tracking is the ability of a software to gather data of manufacturing processes from the workshop floor. the data can be fed by employees in the workshop at each individual workstation. The data can be linked to a production order.

Essentially i want to create a new doctype in the manufacturing module that will be able to collect this data in real time from employees in the workshop. For this i need several custom scripts.

  1. Save the data simply by pressing the Enter key
  2. a background timer that automatically starts when a new form is created
  3. the timer is reset when the form is saved
  4. An increment in a number (of pieces created under that production order) just before saving
  5. a moving average of the time is calculated just before or after the save

After each piece is completed the employee will simply press enter. this will continuously calculate the average time taken by the employee to complete each piece. The increment will also show the number of total pieces made.

Over several weeks and months of gathering this information we can analyse which employees are productive and which are not. Where there may be bottlenecks in our production and how we can increase our productivity.

Can someone please help me implement this or just tell me how I can create these 4 different scripts. I have knowledge of programming in general have also made websites before but very little knowledge of both python and javascript.

Your help is much appreciated

@harshal you can sponsor development too:

I cant afford to pay for this feature just yet, but i would appreciate it if you could help me with the custom scripts.

Let us try and build this feature at our end if it is successful you guys can takeover and make it production quality for future release.

Please just help me create the 5 scripts that are mentioned above.

@harshal Sure, I am sure you know your cost-benefit.

Can’t write the scripts for you. If you are stuck, we can help.

Thank you,

Your support and help is much much appreciated.