Real time reporting / Man-time-cost

One of my customers who’s considering ERPnext, mentioned the following feature request, of which I’m not sure how It would be implement in ERPnext.

I would be grateful to hear how you guys would tackle this!

Example (hypothetical)

Two developers (A & B) with differing daily rates work on a website. A spends 50h on the backend, B spends 70h on the frontend, A & B spend 30h to integrate back- and frontend. Project manager (C) with a different daily rate, spends 30h on the project.

Now the project manager wants answers to the following questions in realtime (or frequently updated) during the production process:

  • How much money is spent in total for the software?
  • How much of the value belongs to the frontend and how much belongs to the backend?

Did you see Time Logs (?)

Sure, but how would the reporting part be solved?

Without going too much into detail, now. Should it be generally possible?

With a couple of custom fields and a query report it should be possible