Reason for choosing mariadb over postgresql

Just curious on why erpnext decided to use mariadb instead of postgresql.

Search for “postgres” or “postgresql” on this forum and you’ll see a lot of threads on this topic.

Long story short is there is no “reason” - the decision was made a long time ago when the product was much smaller and very different. There is no preference or ideological argument for one over the other in the frappe/erpnext context.

The only roadblock between erpnext/frappe and postgres support is someone actually willing to implement it. Right now, frappe uses its own custom ORM, so migrating to a more DB independent ORM like SQLAlchemy would be the first step. Then someone would have to test all the custom queries to make sure things work. Since there is no real “feature” postgres has which mariadb doesn’t have which hinders frappe/erpnext development, there is little interest in the project.

That could change in the days ahead though. Or, anyone can take up the project and make it happen.


Thank you for the quick reply.

You have answered my question.