Reassign cost center

Assuming that I have two cost centers, and originally something was assigned to one cost center, later, we partially change it to another cost center.

One way to do it is create a journal entry. For example.

Sales -700 Department A
Sales 700 Department B

but this would create a debt and a credit transaction, and it would show up everywhere, say ledgers and stuff.

Is there an alternative way to do this?

Interested in this, is it possible to modify cost centers after posting, as is the case in sales invoices


One workaround you can use. Create the Finance book for Cost center Re-allocation and pass the Journal entries using this finance book to re-allocate cost center.

This way it will not disturb the other reports and ledger, but you can generate the correct reports for internal use by selecting the cost center re-allocation finance book.

Hope this will help.


Divyesh Mangroliya