Recalculate Taxes on Sales Order

is there any method that goes through all items, fetch the item tax template and calculate total taxes table in Sales Order?

For example I have a Sales Order with global sales tax template, it means tax tables is filled. But if I delete this global template I need recalculate taxes considering the item’s “item tax template”.

No I have to manually open each row (item) and set the Item Tax Template again for tax applying.

Thanks for any tips in advance.

Jiri Sír

Item is not a god. :sweat_smile:

Let me explain you in detail. If the item has different tax templates, how will it be applied, think about it. It doesn’t apply automatically, you have to select it, but I’ll give you an easy way. Don’t feel like you have to open a row every time. Set the item tax template fields in list view, so you can set them easily.

Thank you @NCP for quick response.

We need respect tax of each item (book 12%, laptop 21% etc). Now If I use “Sales Taxes and Charges Template” the value of template’s tax (21% for ex.) is used for all items => it overrides item tax.

We are creating SO from server script, so I thought: during new Sale Order inserting are taxes calculated automatically from each item, if “Sales Taxes and Charges Template” is not set, but it is not true :slight_smile:

It seems I should do it via my own method :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Jiri Sir

Finally, I will use this sales tax template:

with zero “tax_rate”. This settings respects “item tax templates” at all :wink:

Thank you.