Receive and pay postpaid date cheque

I have question about postpaid cheque ,any one know solution ,
in erpnext we can’t manage postpaid cheque we receiving from customer , so we control when the date of cheque will come and we can deposit to account or each customer how much postpaid cheque have with us to control credit of customer before issue new invoice .

also problem when we paid postpaid cheque to our supplier , for example we pay cheque dated for 60 days , to some supplier 30 days to some and …
we can’t get any report how much outstanding cheque we have for example for next 10 days to arrange money for that and we have to calculate separately in excel ,
any solution in erpnext to handle sent and received postpaid cheque ?

You can define “Posting Date” in the Journal Entry as a future date.

hi rushab, in that case, if we change the posting date, it means that it will not also reflect on the receivables/payables on the date we receive it right? what we want to do actually is to reflect the collection/payment on the account of our customer/supplier on the date of collection/payment. would it be possible to generate a report showing the total pdc/deposit in transit for each of the following months that the checks will be cleared?

I think need to add similar report to ‘Payment Period Based On Invoice Date’ but ‘…Based On Reference Date’

hi @jof2jc, i have paid in bounty source for this github post PDC Management Suggestion - Full Feature [Bounty] · Issue #6946 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub for this feature… hope you can contribute as well to include this in erpnext feature. Thank you…