Receive dropship order

I’m trying to figure out how to create a salesorder where I am the supplier for a dropship order. Suppose two Company A and Supplier B are both using erpnext. Company A creates a sales order (with Customer C) within erpnext with dropship to Supplier B. Company sends/emails/faxes/whatever to Supplier. Supplier B receives the order and creates a sales order within erpnext. Shipping is to Customer C, billing is to Company A.

How do I create a sales order with “shipping” to and “billing” to as different? The delivery note should go to “shipping” and invoice should go to “billing”.

My ideal scenario is that both Company A and Supplier are within the same erpnext instance. But I recognize that inter company transactions are not supported. I may end up finding a developer to code inter company transactions later on. But for now, I will double entry the purchase order from Company A and Supplier B creates a sales order(that are essentially the same).

Thank you all.

To use the drop feature of ERPNext please refer the following video link.

@shachiTakalkar, yes. I am using that feature. My question is referring to the receiving end of a dropship. How do I create a sales order where I am the receiver of the dropship. My billing and shipping are two different addresses and process.


I believe you would be a customer in that case? If yes, then you should create a Purchase Order in your ERPNext account. In the Purchase Order, you can select your Address where shipment should be received. If needed, you can also add new Address there itself.

If this scenario doesn’t match with your requirement, then request you to further elaborate it with an example.

Hi @umair, thank you for your response. I am the supplier. Thus, I receive the purchase order(via email,fax, letter,etc…). I would like to create a salesorder with a different shipping and billing address/customer. The delivery note should go to the shipping address and the sales invoice goes to the billing.

Thank you

Thanks for the information.

In the customer master, you should add two addresses. Ensure that you check “Is Shipping Address” and “Is Billing Address” field in the Address master as applicable.

In the Sales Order, both shipping and billing addresses of the Customer will be fetched.

In the Delivery Note, only Shipping Address will be updated.

In the Sales Invoice, only billing address will be updated.

@umair thank you for the response. Yes, that would be great if this was a normal customer who indeed has a billing and shipping that is different. The reason I described this as a dropship is that the shipping address would be different for each order. I am a dropship supplier receiver. A company sends me the dropship order as a supplier. Thus, I will receive a purchase order from this one customer (which I convert to a sales order) who I will always bill but the shipping address will be different for each order.

Does that make sense?

@umair your response to this question is what I am trying to achieve

You can add another Company in your ERPNext account for your supplier. But to get real-time stock update in supplier’s warehouse, supplier must use Stock module of ERPNext, and ensure all stock movement, sales and purchase is punched into ERPNext as well.

I am trying to add another Company as a supplier that will receive this purchase order and deliver it to the various shipping to address but always the same billing address. Can this be done?


Though you are dealing with two different parties here, but in terms of accounting, it’s only the billing party.

For your reference and customer (who receives your shipment), you can insert a Custom Field and enter name of that customer. Also you can create a Custom Print Format where that Customer’s name will be shown.

You can track name of the party (to be shipped) in the Address master as well, but it will not be usable in the transaction.

Firstly please track to capture it in the Address master and then check if it works for you. If not, then add a Custom Field for the party (to be shipped) in the Delivery Note and then try.

okay. It sounds like I will do the recommended later suggestion. Thanks. I will create a new topic regarding the other part of seeing supplier stock.