Receive employee advance

hello erpnext community

i have question about employee advance when i make employee advance it is ok but when the employee make expense claim less than advance amount here is the problem how could receive
the rest amount from advance it is stuck in employee account

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any update

Expense claims are different than advance. An expense claim is payable to the Employee against a expense account head.

Advances go against Salary / Advances account heads. My point is the difference is the account heads.

Have you tried Employee Advance ? (Human Resources → Employee Advances) ?



i try employee advance and after that employee make adjustment with expense claim and take the amount from the advance but some time expense claim amount become less than the advance amount
how could pay it again from employee to cash or the bank with payment entry by the way by journal entry is working good no problem but with payment entry not working

If you have an exact scenario and if you feel its a bug / feature improvement you can submit a bug / issue in erpnext github?

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thanks i will


Does anybody have a solution for the above ?

The problem is: how do you return (partially/balance) an employee advance payment back to the company.