Receive payment from Employee in Payment Entry

Hello guys,
I want to receive payment from employee in the payment entry doctype. but in the field “Account paid from” just show options for creditors only. I want to choose my new account as “Payment from employee”. but I failed to get the account.

Anyone knows how to fix it?

Set account type of “Payment from Employee” account as Payable, then it should be selectable.

I already create account Payment from Employee under Payable account but still can not select that new account.

any update

Help you some

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Hi, I wanted to know if the paycheck entries you are making to employees is for the debt you generated from payroll?

Is there a way to see which employee you paid and which one you didn’t?

These are doubts that I always had.

Thank you

i think we can’t make this when employee pay i try it give me error debit not equal to credit