Receive Payment Not Linked to Sales Invoice

Hi all,

Our company has received a payment (via check) for an insurance claim we filed. Because it was not a sale, we do not have any corresponding ERPNext document to link it to (i.e: it shouldn’t be transacted on a Sales Invoice).

How can I “deposit” this check into our primary bank account? Payment Entry form only allows for it to be linked to a Party of some kind. Since they are a Supplier, not a Customer, receiving the payment that way will not work. It also will not work because the Supplier has no open balance.


The money received from an insurance company for a claim involving a loss on inventory stock is debited to Cash. Any other proceeds from disposing of the inventory items will also be debited to Cash.
Reference How do I record money received for an insurance claim on inventory loss? | AccountingCoach

Probably debit Cash and credit to say Receivable Insurance Claim with this Journal Entry