Received Argument from website URL and redirect to another Page

I’m using frappe v5.0.0-beta
I need received argument from web site URL like “”.
and I want to redirect from “def get_context(context):” function.

So please help me how can I received “name” Argument and redirect to another page like “”?


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Set frappe.local.flags.redirect_location

and raise frappe.Redirect

see: frappe/ at 89e95cd6b16ce2af4abd23b077eab2c7278a1a6a · frappe/frappe · GitHub


Thanks you Rmehta
for your help
Now I can redirect
But still now I can’t Received argument from web URL like “”.

I want received “name” argument

You can also try this:

hi @mainul ,

Have you found how to get argument value from url?

@ninjas005 Yes, you can receive argument by frappe.form_dict there have all arguments as a Dictionary.

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thanks @mainul :slight_smile: