Received Qty on Drop Ship

I’m trying to figure this all out. We have a sales order with qty 144 for drop ship (all our products are drop ship). Purchase order was created with qty 144 to supplier. Supplier only shipped 72. We need to change the qty received to 72 in the PO before we generate the PI. But, the qty received is set to read only field and won’t let me change it. Anyone know how I should resolve this issue?


Receipt Quantity is generally updated via Purchase Receipt. Drop ship assumes that supplier delivers goods directly to the customer and hence maybe the system may not be allowing you to make a Purchase Receipt. Have you tried to make a delivery note against the Sales Order?

The supplier does deliver the goods directly to the customer but sometimes they short-ship something (i.e. they ran out). If we ordered 20 but they only had 10, they’ll ship 10 and we need to show 10 were billed AND also update the customer’s invoice accordingly.

Right now, it’s a cumbersome process to match all this up in ERPNext. If we delete an item completely from a Purchase Invoice that was on a PO, it should prompt if we want to also delete from the customer’s sales invoice/order. Seems like things should be more connected in this manner?

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this situation. To me, if I’ve got a PO linked to a SO and I create a Purchase Invoice (PI) but I change the quantity on a line item from 50 to 20, should I not be prompted to also change that quantity on the sales order linked? Or, the same if I remove a line item from the PI because the supplier didn’t ship it. It’s difficult to track all this when we could have one order where three items either short shipped or didn’t get shipped. Remembering to remove these from the sales invoice for the customer is causing a lot of issues for the sales people!