Receiving items with delivery note


we have sent 30 serialized items to our client and delivery note was made. Customer then returned half of them (15 pieces) so we could make some rework. How can we receive that items so we could make new delivery note?

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Hi @jpuskar

Make sales return entry from the delivery note and in qty set the value as -15 and in serial no fields set the 15 serial nos which has been returned.

Delivery Note

Sales Return Entry

When the products get repaired then send same serial nos again to the customer using delivery note

Hi @rohit_w,

after using it for some time like you explained we have encountered a new problem. One serialized item we delivered in more than 1200pcs with 15 delivery notes all to same customer.

And now some of them have been brought to us for repairs and we have to make service receipt for them but the problem is that they are spread over 15 delivery notes and now we have to make 15 sales returns and that is too much of manual work. Is there any other possibility?

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