Recommend Configuration for ERPNext in AWS


We are planning to deploy ERPNext in AWS. It will be used by a user base of 100 . Concurrently 30 users might be using the system. Do we have any recommendation with respect to the type of AWS EC2 instance ( interms of vCPU and RAM) to handle this workload? Would love to hear the feedback on the current AWS Deployment configuration and their performance?

Hello. Welcome to the community! I currently have an instance running on AWS with 35 concurrent users. I currently use t2 medium with 2 processors and 8GB RAM. However, performance is determined by more than just your hardware. You have to fine-tune your setup such as mariadb config, nginx and other stuff to get the best performance out of ERPNext.

For my setup though the hardware works just fine as just tweaked my mariadb config a little. But as @bkm would say, “your mileage may vary”.:smile:

Hahaha. Good one. Am sure @bkm would have a slight smile on his face.

I would like to fine tune my e-commerce website on V11 for performance. Its running on 4 core 8 GB RAM. Any pointers how to go about it. What can be done and how?

For my setup i ran mysqltuner and applied some of the recommended fixes. As my database knowledge is limited i skipped some of the recommendations as they were too complex for my understanding and didn’t want to break my production server. My instance runs well with the few tweaks i made as mysql queries respond faster but i presume you would want more than just a few tweaks so as to improve your e-commerce site performance.

Hi @flexy2ky. Thanks for your feedback.

Is Mariadb running within the same instance of frappe or separate ec2 instance only for mariadb or RDS service instance of mariadb?


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In the AWS Deployment is Mariadb running within the same instance of frappe(EC2) or separate EC2 instance only for mariadb or RDS service instance of mariadb?

Having a clarity on the above query would help in deploying mariadb with proper tradeoff of cost vs performance,

Thanks in advance for the support.


It can go either way. it all depends on your preference.

@flexy2ky Thanks for your response.

@flexy2ky - just curious what does an instance like yours cost (monthly) on AWS?

Hello Folks,

My Name is Ibrahim Ali I’m a Oracle APPS DBA with 12 Years of Experience.
I will be more than happy to help with any issue related to the Mariadb.

Anyway, I did some major changes to an ERPnext on the AWS & I can see that the girl is working perfectly fine now

Hello. What EBS type are you using for the EC2 and the RDS?