Recommendation for ERPNext Manufacturing Module?


I work for a company named BURN Manufacturing ( who makes clean-burning cookstoves in East Africa. We’re looking at implementing ERPNext, but I’m concerned about the manufacturing module. We only have a few SKUs and based on some of your comments, we would not be the most complex manufacturer who uses ERPNext, however, I’m concerned about the planning and MRP functions.

Would anyone be willing to chat with me for a few minutes about their experience as we make our decision?

Thank you in advance,

Hello @Boston_Nyer,

What are your queries exactly?

In general, I’m concerned about the planning / temporal aspects of the
manufacturing module, but more specifically the two fundamental concerns
that I have are:

  1. BOM management. The ability to manage multiple revisions of a BOM over
    time and the ability to work with variants of a BOM at the same time (that
    one should be easy). I’m assuming that it works well with either an
    exploded or consolidated BOM. Any insights on that would be greatly

  2. MRP. We are looking for a solution that tells us when we should order
    each input and at what quantity based on leadtimes, min stock levels,
    forecasts, MOQs, etc. How well does the system do with that?

Thank you for your time in advance.

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@Boston_Nyer: I suggest reviewing a parallel thread : Enhancing the Manufacturing Module

It provides the context and the state-of-art discussion of the community on the enhancements to Manufacturing module. Please feel free to share your insights/ideas there as well.