Recommendation for using IMAP vs POP3

Hi everyone,
perhaps someone here can help me with a short recommendation.
We would like to use as many ERPNext modules as possible in our company. This includes the e-mail function, so that we can fully benefit from document linking, for example.
Now the question arises whether we should use IMAP or POP3 for the connection.

I know that POP is outdated and IMAP is technically far superior, but our situation is the following:
We have a Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and an email archiving server. We don’t want any client other than ERPNext to access the emails, so it doesn’t matter that with POP3 the emails are deleted after retrieval. In fact I even thought that this is an advantage, because ERPNext does not have to try to synchronize the emails with the Exchange Server at all, because this advanced functionality also makes them more prone to errors. Currently only the read/unread status is synchronized anyway.
And if an email is lost, a copy of it is still available on the archiving server.

The most important thing is the reliability of the protocol. We must be able to rely on all emails being delivered and sent correctly.

What do you think? Do you think we should use POP3 in our situation or should we still use the more technically up-to-date IMAP?