Reconcile employee advance with journal entry

Hi, I have 1 employee advance transaction in /desk#List/Employee%20Advance/List with account “employee receivable”
in my understanding it should be able to reconciled from journal entry, but employee advance does not show anything.
Payment reconciliation (/desk#Form/Payment%20Reconciliation) does not show employee advance to select too.
Now every expense claim made for that employee is now asking to made against that employee advance, but it can no longer selected because employee payable is already balanced.

below is selection on journal entry:

hi wondering if you create the journal entry from the employee advance create button and then journal entry ?

Giving employee money on employee advance is directed to payment entry. I am using journal entry because it is not an expense claim, but company spending on non working days. So the money cannot be delivered from company bank account, and the employee does not have enough money to spend that much, thus employee advance.

If there is better ways to book the case above, I am very open on suggestions.