Reconcile Purchase Invoice to Project (Accounting Dimension)

During Purchase I was careful to select Project for Items (during Material Request -MR and Purchase Order - PO).
However, during Purchase Invoice I did not notice Accounting Dimensions and I thought all costs associated with material purchase will be linked to respective Project (from MR and PO). But I was wrong. Such costs are not attributed to Project.

Another option I found was during Payment Entry, I can attribute the payment entry to a project. But the problem is same supplier is sending goods to different project. And payments are made not exactly to the purchase invoice but rounded amounts - for ex. if outstanding till date is 2,22,500 then I paid only 2,00,000. And this payment is for multiple projects.

I have a lot of Purchase Invoices where I have not selected Project. How can I properly make entries so that costs are attributed to respective projects as well ?

Hi, You can create the journal Entries to correct the past invoices.

You can book the journal as below for each expense account to correct the error of cost center and project selection.


Thanks, I will take a look into it. Appreciated.