Recording a check that will be paid later


Please kindly let me know your advice;
we want to record a check that will be paid one month later,
in this case we want to see the effect of this check in General Ledger before any payment made;

how to handle this scenario?


You can make Payment Entry filling in all important details, and then keep it in draft mode. Don’t submit it.

thanx for your solution, but in this case general ledger does not display any record related to due check and its related invoice;

You can refer to the following to see how a post dated cheque can be handled:

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would you please explain it step by step so that i can see the effect of post dated check on general ledger?

The above steps seems to be step by step. Have you tried it? cheers

ok, i will explain more so that you could help me;
suppose we pay a check against a purchase invoice that will be paid one month later;
here general ledger must display these records;
creditor-purrchase invoice ********
account payable-cheque ***********

i cannot find records above in general ledger;

i could find only these record;
account payable-cheque ***********
bank ***************