Recording of Production Time for Costing

Hi guys,

I’m looking at options to record time spent on manufacturing and specifically production orders and relevant operations - Is this something that ERPNext can handle?

e.g. A production order consisting of 3 route operations. Can all the time spent on each operation be recorded for costing purposes for that manufactured part?

Thanks for any assistance!

The feature has been included in upcoming version 5, you can make time log
against a production order.

Thats great to hear…


Just had a quick look at this feature in the staging ERPNext v5

It looks good, but unless I’ve missed something, there doesn’t appear to be the option of recording time against an employee (who is performing the manufacturing operation).

ie, Employee_A spent 6 hours on operation_B, and produced 30 items.

This feature would allow companies to measure employee performance and timings as well as the cost of manufacture…

Mike - sounds like a good suggestion. Can you post it on github issues Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub