Records not Displayed in List View but Visible in List View

After applying user permission , records in list view not visible but visible on switching to Report View. Screen shots pasted here, Any hint to address this issue please !

List View

Report View

Not Displaying Lists to other than Administartor after applying user permission , whether someone faced it , I did not find any discussion here , Please help !

Have you tried with List Settings?

Thanks for responding, Not visibility of records in list view is not for all users , Its users specific problem even having same user access permission. Any hint for further investigation

Ignore User Permissions?

Thanks for responding . It solved automatically, when we added dashboard for doc type and users jump to list through number card on dashboard, list view worked. We not investigated what was the issue but solved, if arises again , update this thread.

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looool, I try as you suggested and it works like a magic, I don’t know why, what, where, who and how that work

but it work thanks mate

What worked for u pls

I try this solution and it solves it for me forever, now the user is able to to see the doctype normally

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The issue still persists @CA_B.C_Chechani but the solution you gave is working for now

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You have to logout and login again to show the columns

its just gone. list is not at all loading. i need to goto report view to see the list. and apperently it happens only for a specific user

It’s a bug that Frappe Team should efficiently study and fix.