Recruitment business

We help client to find the right candidate, we charge from the client based on candidate salary. If candidate failed probation, we find a replacement for free.

Client made a job order for 4 positions of Sales representative.

We successful placed 3 positions, 1 failed.
Each candidate salary is 300$, which is 900$ we charge from client.

After a month later, one succeeded candidate failed probation, and we found the replacement.

How do I book sales invoice when replacement happened?

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Hello @magic-overflow

If you need to send an invoice to the customer to document the transaction you can do an invoice with a 100% discount to show that the service was provided at zero price.


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I think Zero amount entry won’t book to GL. I’m not sure how we can track replacement.

Other use case, if replacement was 500$ which we charge extra 200$ from client. How can we handle it? I’m not really sure how accounting work.