Recruitment - "Interview" feature

Hi all,

ERPNext’s recruitment feature is great but it does not have “Interview” features such as:

  1. Interview Session
  • HR can create “Interview Session” event and invites the job applicant and applicable department head
  1. Interview Record
  • Records candidate’s skillset, attitude, etc.
  • Examination and score
  • Interview conclusion
    *For record keeping as well as future use; we might call up the candidates again when we have job openings in the future.

It would be great to have this feature or if there’s any workaround for this. Thanks!

Currently this is not available. You can customise it or sponsor by posting the job.


Either you create a separate custom doctype or you can customise the job applicant section wherein you can add the above interview details.


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Thank you for your advice. Will try it out. Thanks again