Recurring expenses

Hello erpnext,

Please help also…
Example we have prepayments and we need to amortize it for 12 months with the same amount and same debit and credit accounts. How to make recurring expenses in ERPNEXT. It seems like there will be a JOURNAL VOUCHER??

Another example of what i mean. We paid registration fee of our vehicle last JANUARY 1, 2018 for 3 years and during
the time of payment, we make payment entry as PREPAID REGISTRATION FEE which will be amortize for 3 years.
How we can make an automatic entry every month for the same amount and same accounts debit and credit to the ERPNEXT.

The prepaid registration would be handled with a standard purchase invoice I believe. The amortization could easily be handled with recurring journal entries. Create the first one by hand and then setup a subscription record based on the first one and set to run for the period you want it to. You can have ERPNext create the JVs as draft mode so that an accounting person can confirm all is good and then submit or you can go straight to submitted mode.


Auto Repeat is a nice feature.