Recurring Invoice issue

We have a couple of Questions re. Recurring Invoices.

When we create a Recurring Invoice, we can save as we get error:
Period From and Period To dates mandatory for recurring Sales Invoice

We have entered the Date of the Invoice (which is the current date). We also entered the ‘Repeat of Day of Month’ and ‘End Date’…however we get that error…

Where are we supposed to enter the Period From / Period To Dates?

Also, would it be possible to change the Frequency (ie. weekly) if required?

Scroll Down Form of sales invoice
click inside “is Recurring”
‘From date’ and ‘To date’ is your " Period From and Period To dates"
fill that date.and then check


Thanks for your reply! The problem we have is simply, there is no START DATE in our Recurring section. See below:

Thus, we can only set the ‘END DATE’ and the ‘Repeat on Day of Month’

Please check that field (From date and To date) get “Hide”.
1.Go to DocType
2.Filter for “Sales Invoice” (i.e open Sales invoice doctype)
3.check whether From date and To date Row is Hidden or not
i think that field is hidden thats why it not showing.

@shraddha @reciphergroup I have the same issue since updating, the from_date and to_date are not showing when checking “is recurring”, but in the doctype it’s not hidden and still not showing? Any help, thanks