Recurring invoice period

I’m a bit confused about how recurring sales invoices work. What are the from_date and to_date fields for? I assumed they would be used to calculate next_date, but that does not seem to be the case. Instead, next_date appears to be calculated based on the invoice posting date.

We sell yearly licenses for software. I’m currently using from_date and to_date to specify the license period. I’d like the next invoice to be created one year after the previous license’s start date, independent from the the invoice posting date. Sometimes we’re a bit late with creating the initial invoice, i.e. one or two months after the license’s start date, but I don’t want the following invoices to repeat that pattern.

It also makes me wonder what from_date and to_date are actually used for then. Am I using them for something they weren’t intended for at all?

Hi @Baco,

From Date and To Date: This defines contract period with the customer.


Recurring proforma invoice is created automatically just before customer’s account is about to expire, and requires renewal.

So it’s just bugged then? Because the renewal date is currently based on the invoice posting date, not on the contract period.

Can anyone verify this? :s

from_to and to_date are used for printing the recurring invoice. The next date is calculated based on the invoice posting date. In between we are planning to modify the recurring invoice very soon. Your suggestions are welcome.

Thanks @ManasSolanki, that looks very promising!

Here in Austria it is a legal requirement to add in the invoice text the service period, e.g. “Service period 01-012020 - 31-12-2020”. Anybody has a hint to automate that so that in the next year’s recurring invoice we have a text saying “Service period 01-012021 - 31-12-2021”?