Recurring Opportunities


Is there a way to create recurring opportunities? In our business opportunities regenerating periodically (generaly once a year or once a half year).

So I want to create opportuniy which recurring itself every year.

Currently recurring functionality is not available on Opportunity but you can use Next Contact section to set reminders for yourself for a particular date.

Hi Pawan,

Thank you for reply. I am already using this “next contact” function. But it is only for one time remender. In my case I need it to remind me every single year. I am using “duplicate opportunity” function for creating following years opportunities. But it is not right way .

In service business opportunities can recurring itself depending on time periods. At least in our business ( Calibration Laboratory).

This is good future to add to software and I guess it is not a big deal.


Add this feature request as Issue on GitHub


Hi Prakash,

I created a request on github as you suggested.