"Recurring Order" Suggestion

Hi again,

I have a proposal and it may not be so difficult. I know that “RECURRING ORDER” it’s calculated from the posting date, but I also found that it would be helpful to many users that could be changed that date.

I actually need to create yearly recurring invoices, but they have to be made only at february, even if the amended invoice was posted on a different month.

What if ERPNext could have a field like “Recurring from date”? And initially that field fetch the value from posting date, but that date picker field could be changed by user.


Thanks for the suggestion. The recurring feature is due for a major upgrade. We have updated it’s roadmap here as Subscription feature.


Please post your suggested as a comment on this issue.

Just a thought:

Was it really necessary to do it as a new DocType? I mean, it’s easier to control the recurrance of a single document on itself.

Also… I’ve being looking at forum that the only issue mentioned, it’s about calculating the recurrance from the posting date value, user only need the liberty to modify as per needs.

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